Face-to-Machine Identification

VideoID is the first solution that identifies people by video in real time with the same level of technical security and legal compliance (KYC AML, eIDAS…) as face-to-face identification.

Some of our references


Easy to use

  • Process takes 18 seconds
  • Friction-less (runs any browser)
  • Easy-to-integrate

Maximum Versatility

Videconference attended

Universal Solution

Any Country

Any ID card

Any Device

Any Channel

Artificial Intelligence for Real Time Security

Face Biometrics Scoring, ID Auto-detection, MRZ Integrity check,  Cryptograms Verification and any others to perform an automated process.

Legal Compliance

Unique solution providing face to face identification security & legal compliance equivalence (KYC AML, eIDAS…)

KYC AML - AntiMoney Laundering 10/2010

VideoID is compliance with Client non presential relationships regarding most stringent KYC AML Authorizations


New eIDAS European Regulation 910/2014

VideoID and eID services are compliance with high level of security regarding eIDAS regulation

Electronic Administration

New administrative procedures regulation allowing electronic means and e-signature to citizenship relationships as 39/2005


Accelerate Business Growth

Decrease radically customer acquisition time to market from 3 weeks to minutes

Increase Customer Conversion Rate

from less than 10% to 70%

Costs Savings

Customer acquisition cost decrease more than 70%

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty


Extra Services

Everything under just one licence 

One-Click Digital Signature

Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) performed with PKI and x.509 v3 natural persons certificates in any device

Delivery Services

Certified e-Mail

Qualified e-Mail


Authentication Services

CC +4L



Face Biometrics

API Information Management

The quick and secure way to manage all information


The technology platform of Electronic Identification and the support provided by its team have allowed Self Bank to be the first in Spain to offer a new client registration by videoconference and to reduce the onboarding time.

Alberto Navarro

CEO, Self Bank

The use of eID allow us a fully paperless processes and simplify the onboarding process. It provides additional savings and our best alignment with green and environmental policies.

The integration of the systems was very easy, thanks to advising and to the great support of eID team.

Diego Guirao Rodríguez

Banking Industry Director, Oesía