Industry: Banking
Customer onboarding

Self Bank offers remote Customer registration with video-conference

Self Bank, the Spanish online banking subsidiary of French financial group Boursorama, is using a combination of video-conferencing, biometrics and electronic signatures, to cut registration times for new customers onboarding.

Industry: Compliance
AML/KYC Process

RMS and eID allow a combined solution for real time onboarding and KYC by the online channel, that includes the checking of lists and PRP with Dow Jones (Factiva)

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) uses the eID technology to offer a customer onboarding and KYC solutions that allows obligors an analysis in real time of clients and operations of financial institutions to detect suspicious behaviour in the field of the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Industry: Employee Relationship Management
Digital Signature

Optimiza T Flex incorporated to flexible retribution the Digital Signature of eID.

The use of the digital signature is voluntary and since day one it had a great reception, getting more than 70% of activation.

Industry: Asset Management
Customer onboarding

Magallanes Value Investors, first asset management firm doing end-to-end Customer Digital Onboarding

Magallanes is leading the asset management industry digital transformation. The Digital Onboarding is a big step in the path to improve the customer relationship with convenient processes.

Industry: Fintech
Customer onboarding and electronic signature

NETTIT offers remote Customer registration with video-conference and qualified certificates

NETTIT, boosts the financial debt management between parties, embeding eID technology, allowing different ways to customer onboarding: by video-conference and from qualified certificates, accelerating company growth and securing its business processes.

Industry: CrowdLending
Shareholders Relationship Management

LoanBook sign remotely a Shareholder’s agreement before rising money in a Series A Round

The service provided by eID accelerated the fundraising, allowing the remote identification and advanced signature of shareholder’s from twenty different countries in a few days. The Law Firm responsible for this process, reviewed the new eID technology and agreed its use in benefit of its client.

Industry: Banking
Customer onboarding

EVO Banco brings the new philosophy “just one click”

New customers can complete the digital identification process in less than three minutes and with just one signature from any device. The process includes video identification process and biometric scoring from eID API.