Customer onboarding: All you need to know

Customer onboarding or client onboarding, is crucial for any company today. Registration and incorporation process of customers to the company or organization is essential within the acquisition process.

Signing and contracting with an ATM/Kiosk/POS

Although the already widely known advantages and benefits of 100% digital and remote customer onboarding, many users still go to a commercial office, branch or store to carry out certain types of operations.

Know Your Client (KYC): Process and requirements

Know Your Client, better known as KYC, is a crucial procedure for the incorporation and registration of clients and users in organizations, companies and institutions of all types and areas.

What is Edtech and the relevance of identification

Edtech concept (or Edutech) is born from the words “Educational Technology”. Educational Technology (ET) is known as the area dedicated to the work in innovation and digitization in education.